What to do when you retire? Fishing? Bird spotting? Or make cool stuff?

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Chuck Hoggarth retired from 46 years at Ford, and now makes these cool wood models of construction equipment. These photos are from 2006Chuck Hoggarth has so far handcrafted eleven large wooden models of construction equipment. Each is made from sugar pine wood that is free from knots. A single model can take up to eight or nine months to build. The largest are a 12' long by 3' high Kenworth truck and trailer and a Hummer that is 4' high by 4' wide and 7' long.He has also built two large excavators, a high track dozer, a mining truck, an articulated tractor, an end-loader, a bulldozer, a scraper and is now working on a fishing trolling boat that will eventually be displayed floating in his swimming pool. From http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Hoggarth.htm