Whistling Billy, the steam engine race car made by a sewing machine company...

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Reportedly the White Company officials offered Gus Seyfried a $1,000 bonus if he could best Barney Oldfield. The result was a terrifying accident as the car inexplicably exploded, perhaps due to excess steam pressure for greater horse power, turned abruptly and crashed through the infield fence in front of the grandstand. The car rolled over several times bursting into flames. Fortunately for Seyfried, who had had another terrifying accident at Ascot Park in a different White car just weeks earlier in December, he was thrown clear and aside from cuts, scrapes he was fine. [video1]http://www.whitesteamcar.com/White_Steam_Car_Registry/Whistling_Billy.html#0https://www.flickr.com/photos/stefanmarjoram/6208543045/in/photostream/