Wiesmann is back in business

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The German sports car automaker will resume its production, as the company has been bought by British investors. Wiesmann has been looking for solutions for bringing back the brand after shutting down its production last year. But now it seems the German sports car automaker has found a way out of trouble. The co-founder of the company Friedhelm Wiesmann told Autovisie that the trademark rights were bought by British investors Berry and Anita Tatalovic. Friedhelm Wiesmann said the contracts were signed and the company is ready to resume its activity. It has been reported that Wiesmann Automotive GmbH, in charge with the design, production and distribution of sports cars, has officially registered the papers. The British couple also said the factory in Dulmen will reopen, but they did not say anything about what models are going to be produced there. Before Wiesmann went bankrupt, it already made plans for a new MF3 Roadster, the production of the model being discontinued in early 2013. If it sees the daylight, its successor would have to be priced around 100,000 euros, a lot cheaper than the first MF3 which costed 160,000 euros. In 2014, when the operations were closed, Wiesmann’s model range consisted of only high-priced MF4 and MF5 cars (200,000 to 300,000 euros). The high costs of production were a major problem for the German automaker, and so the financial issues started in 2009. That moment marked the end of the sports car brand that was founded in 1988 by brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann, but both left the company many years ago. Friedhelm started some time ago the Wiesmann Alps, which was the official sales partner of Wiesmann in Munich, but that business did not last long. Via Autovise