With only 2356 miles, this may be the lowest mileage Muira existing... It was kept at the Lambo factory until 1982, then slept the decades away in a museum. Now... you can be almost the 1st to enjoy it since Balboni tested it

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But it's going to cost around 1.3 million dollars.It was damaged in a testing accident while still at Lamborghini and it remained stored at the Factory un-repaired until 1982 when it was purchased by the famous Lamorghini collector and enthusiast, Mr. Isao Noritake of Aichi, Japan. Noritake had repairs completed, the vehicle repainted and a new interior fitted by Lamborghini and then formally shipped and imported this Miura to his Museum Collection in Japan. Total mileage at the time of his purchase and import to Japan was just 3,700 original kilometers. Over the next 32 years this Miura S remained on display in Noritake's Museum un-registered and never driven, it is sold complete with all tools, full jack kit and a copy of the owner's manual.http://www.anamera.com/en/detail/car/381914/index.html?no_cache=1&ret=202