Workers at Audi’s Hungarian plant prepare for a strike

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Audi’s employees from Gyor facility are asking for a pay rise, threatening to go on strike if their demands are not going to be met.

Audi has officially entered into the Hungarian auto market in 1993 and it has become one of the country’s biggest exporters since. The premium four rings brand said that it made a total investment of more than 8 billion euros (9 billion dollars) since its local branch has been founded, turning out to be one of the largest employers in the region as well, as it has a staff of 11,411 people.

However, it seems that Audi’s workers from the Gyor plant are not so happy with their current wages, as they are seeking a 20,000-forint (71 dollars) per month wage hike back-dated to the beginning of the year, a one-off 100,000-forint (350 dollars) bonus and higher employee benefits. A trade union at Audi’s factory has already formed a strike committee and it said the recent talks over the issue did not have a positive outcome, rejecting Audi’s counter proposals.

“With the talks continuing, the committee has authorised the leadership of the union to prepare and organise the details of a possible strike,” the body said in a statement, adding that it has gathered signatures from over 7,000 workers in support of its demands.

Last year, the Gyor manufacturing site produced a total of 2,022,520 engines and 160,206 cars, with almost the entire Audi engine range being now built in Hungary.

Via Reuters