Would you make your own vintage road-legal Alfa Romeo Racer? [VIDEO]

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If you are a vintage car lover, having one that can race down a track seems like an auto dream. Amateur racing driver Bradley Price turned it into reality. Bradley Price took his 1975 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce and changed it into a road-legal racer with some current modifications, and went on to race it at the Vintage Sports Car Club of America, an auto racing club which focuses on competition and sports cars made before 1959. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta series 750 and 101 was a family car made by Italian car manufacturer from 1954 to 1965, with a total of 177,690 Giuliettas having been produced in that timeframe. The car owner says in the Petrolicious video that “I pack it up and drive to the track on the highway with modern cars around me, which is a little scary sometimes. But I love the feeling of freedom that it gives me when you get to the track, you just unpack the car and you’re ready to go!” If you want to enjoy a vintage racer, The Lime Rock Park could be your best choice. The place is a natural-terrain motorsport road racing venue located in Connecticut, U.S. and it allows slower cars to ride along more powerful machines even if they lack long straights and need their drivers to maintain momentum when going through corners. Bradley added that “At the end of the day, you are the component of the car that needs the most work.” Keep working on yourself then, Bradley, but let us know when another customized vintage beauty pops up from your garage!