Wow, The Museum of Military Technology in Chrcynno just pulled a WW2 German half track out of Pilica river near Górki

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A German light armored halftrack SdKfz 250 AusfNeu” was recovered from Pilica river near Górki village (Poland) by The Museum of Military Technology in Chrcynno.  Its in an amazing condition the front wheels rotate, tracks still on and also quite a bit of the original paint scheme visible. Remains of red shields painted on the rear and front makes 25 Pz.Div. most likely candidate. After long period of preparation, hundreds of hours spent writing all the required documents, they have finally executed their plan. They would like to present the extracted object in the next year on a display of their Museum. They invite you to look at the photos of their discovery [video3]Found on   via the full story