WWII-era Beetle can be yours for almost 300k

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We’re unsure if anyone is willing to pay so much money on a Beetle that links its model year so profoundly to the cataclysmic world event and one of its initiators (Hitler), but here it is.

What we have here is an almost unbelievable price tag for a very small car with a major historical significance – the 1943 KdF Type 60 Beetle goes for no less than $295,000. This is more than three times as expensive as last year’s Herbie bug that was snatched for a cool $86,250 – but the KdF Type 60 Beetle is about as exclusive as it gets – with about 40 units available today. This is a completely restored model, that was delivered in June 1943 to the director of the German Red Cross in Potsdam-Babelsberg in Berlin, Germany. Its historical accuracy is undisputed, as the model was documented in both the VW archives and the KdF registry.

The KdF Type 60 Beetle is truly a rare model since it was built in very few examples between 1937 and 1944. And having the model in pristine condition is another opportunity that comes in years. With those facts in mind, we still can’t get passed the huge price tag and we’re pretty unsure if anyone will be willing to pay the bill. By the way, the fact it’s so sinister looking certainly isn’t helping its cause – especially when you think about its war links. Anyways, the car is in North Carolina and the seller can be contacted via the source link below – who knows, maybe they’re willing to negotiate.