Yamaha teasing concept car for Tokyo

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Yamaha is going to pull the wraps off a new concept car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha is not really known for anything else than its bikes but it seems that the company is ready to take a new step, that of “testing the waters” with a car. The model in question doesn’t have an official name at this point and it is nothing more than a simple concept but it is an extremely important vehicle since it will probably define the future for Yamaha. The image posted above is nothing more than a teaser which is highlighting the shape of the car. The photo is showing us a sporty two-door coupe, with a muscular body, a sloping roofline, bulged rear wheel arches, a small rear wing and those are all the visible features added to it at this point. The shape of the rear might indicate a mid-engine but keep in mind that this is pure speculation for now. The new Yamaha concept car might also have the possibility of being powered by a motorcycle engine or even by an electric motor. No matter what this will turn out to be like, it will definitely attract the interest of some petrol heads so we might be looking towards a future production model. Additional details on the topic are limited for the moment and will be announced during the car’s official debut, on the 29th of October, during the Japanese automotive event.