You will not see Tesla, Mini, Jaguar, Land Rover at Detroit Auto Show

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Tesla, Mini, Jaguar and Land Rover are some of the big names who stated they would not go to Detroit Auto Show, but the organizers promise important CEO presence at the event. The 2016 North American International Auto Show is coming fast, but it will open its doors to the media on 11th of January and to the public on 16th without some important brands in the industry. The electric car company Tesla has just announced this week it will not take part to the event, thus joining BMW’s Mini division and Tata’s Motors Jaguar and Land Rover brands, which also will not be seen next month in Detroit. Nevertheless, NAIAS executive director Rod Alberts says he expects 45 to 50 vehicle introductions, out of which 90 percent will be global debuts. Also, important CEOs will be there for the media days, including some who don’t usually attend auto shows. “With 30-40 brands participating in the show, there’s always an ebb and flow from year to year”, he said. “We’ve got way more demand than we have space. It’ll be used,” Alberts said after Tesla pulled back. The reason behind Tesla’s decision is the state of Michigan decision not to allow direct vehicle sales, but only through dealerships. The company is making pressures for the right to sell and deliver cars directly to customers. “If you are trying to sell cars, it makes sense,” Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development recently said. “But in Michigan we can’t legally sell cars.” Even if BMW is attending, Mini will “not be represented at the shows in Detroit and Geneva,” the company said in a statement. Jaguar and Land Rover announced their intentions of not coming at Detroit Auto Show last month. “Jaguar Land Rover has been in and out in the past,” Alberts said. “We expect they’ll be back in the future.” Via Detroit Free Press