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Bentley Turbo RT

Bentley Turbo RT Photo 205 In 1997, the Bentley Turbo RT replaced the Turbo R, becoming the last model of a Bentley luxury-sport-turbo lineage stretching back to 1980. Only 50 were produced in two years. It employs the trusty pushrod 6.75L V8, featuring all-alloy construction, a 5-bearing forged-steel crankshaft, Zytec fuel injection and a Garrett AirResearch turbocharger to produce a healthy 400-hp, routed through the 4-speed GM transmission. Aesthetically, the RT sports a mesh instead of vaned grille, special alloy wheels (as pictured) and body coloured bumpers. Inside, front and rear passengers are well looked-after, with memory front seats, adjustable rear seats, a 10-speaker stereo, rear lighter and ashtray, beautifully worked wood panelling, plus any bespoke bits anyone cared to ask Bentley to include.Down the road, the Turbo RT glides as well as its near 3-tones suggest, the big V8 barely audible at 120 mph, straight line stability unflappable. This is the ‘sport' Rolls-Royce, which means owners can certainly enjoy driving themselves, but there's not much ‘sport' in the traditional sense. The steering is charmingly light, but lacks much real feel, and the brakes are likewise over-boosted, which does not help whilst driving with brio.Although the RT, at the end of its development lifetime, is quite reliable, it is also certainly not for the faint of wallet. Premium-grade petrol drains out of the fuel tank hardly slower than you can pour it in, and the Turbo returns mileage in the low teens or worse when driven in anger, and circa 13 mpg over the combined cycle. Parts and labour also are pricey, as the service should really only be trusted to an authorised Rolls Royce / Bentley outfit. Finally, depreciation has already done its dirty work on these big-engined touring machines, and prices now having stabilized make them a sound investment for those not quite on an Arnage budget. For true Bentley motoring this is about as good as it gets, and I look forward to the day when one graces my garage! - by Traian Popescu

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Bentley Turbo RT Technical Data

6750, OHV 16-valve turbo V8
Max Speed
Speed 0 60mph
Speed 0 25mile