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Dec 14, 2006:
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Maserati Quattroporte V8 / V8 Evoluzione (IV)

Although available with three different engines, it is the V8-equipped Quattroporte which is the most desirable for serious performance. The 32-valve turbocharged V8 provides over 330 horsepower and a top speed that over-shadows everything in its category. The slightly odd styling is highly appealing and it provides an automobile which will be instantly recognizable in a crowd. Beware though, the Quattroporte's exclusivity comes at a price, one that is noticeably higher than its main competitors, namely the BMW 540i and Jaguar XJR. Among these competitors, however, the Maserati is the only one which is hand built, although its build quality lags behind its German competitors.

Another downside to the Quattroporte is its minuscule size, compared to the 540i and XJR that is. This provides the driver and especially rear seat passengers with precious little room and comfort. Also, by using a stiffer derivate of the Ghibli suspension, the model upon which the Quattroporte is based on, this sedan manages to achieve above-average handling but nonetheless at a harsh cost. The ride is hard and uncomfortable and long rides can be a pain.

1998 ushered in a new era of Ferrari ownership for Maserati, as well as a number of subtle cosmetic and performance modifications to the Quattroporte Evoluzione V8. The Evoluzione V8 delivers 345-hp, and the V8 / 6-speed Getrag powertrain combo provide true super saloon performance. If you have the money to spend and don't mind the Quattroporte's shortcomings, you can easily be satisfied by its excellent performance and unparalleled exclusivity. - by Traian Popescu

Specifications V8 / V8 Evoluzione

Base Price, GBP 65,000 / - Engine Type twin-turbo 90º V8
Powertrain Layout Front engine, RWD Displacement, cc 3217
Power(DIN)@rpm 335@6400 / 345@6400 Torque, lb-ft@rpm 331@4400 / -
Curb Weight, lb 3631 0-62 mph, sec 5.8 / -
1 km, sec 24.9 600 ft slalom, mph -
70-0 mph, ft - Top speed, mph 168 / 170