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Dec 14, 2006:
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Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG (W220)

An S500 based car, this AMG will surely be compared to the Brabus S5.8, also listed on this page. It terms of power, the S55 has less horsepower, less torque and smaller displacement than the S5.8, along with a 20mph slower top speed. The limiter can be removed in Europe if the customer requests it, increasing its terminal velocity to a approximately 285 km/h. Acceleration is virtually identical to the Brabus. The S55 AMG's powerplant is the now familiar 5.4 litre unit used in cars such as the E55 and is mated to a five-speed manu-matic transmission. AIRmatic air suspension and Adaptive Damping System offer a responsive yet comfortable setup for the S55 as well as the S500. The exterior of the S55 is unchanged from the S500 unless the optional body kit is ordered (pictured above).

Bigger wheels and tires (18 inchers) and the beefed up vented front and rear disk brakes and suspension are the standard modifications and add a genuinely sporting side to the S55 however make no mistake, at over 4000lb this is no sports car. At the track it holds it own pretty well against other lighter two door AMG stable mates but it is on the wide open highway where this star shines, with its excellent ride being only slightly hampered by the monstrous wheels. As for the price, while still high, at $95K it tips the scales at over 50K less than its Brabus competitor, which is quite a fair bit of spare change even for an AMG owner.

In 2003, AMG added a supercharger to the 3-valve V8, increasing power and torque by 139 horsepower and 125 lb-ft, respectively. - by Traian Popescu

Specifications 2001 / 2003

Base Price, USD 95,000 / 114,150 Engine Type 24-valve SOHC V8 / supercharged V8
Powertrain Layout Front engine, RWD
Displacement, cc 5439
Horsepower@rpm 354@5500 / 493@6100 Torque, lb-ft@rpm 391@3000 / 516@2750
Curb Weight, lb 4034 / 4300 0-60 mph, sec 5.7 (62 mph) / 4.6
1/4 mile, sec@mph 14.1@102.7 / - 600 ft slalom, mph 62.8 / -
60-0 mph, ft 121 / - Top speed, mph 155