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Dec 14, 2006:
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We're filling in the gaps as you read this. Lots more is coming soon.





What do the cars on this page have in common with more orthodox sports cars – the Corvettes, 911s, M3s and even F430s and Gallardos – of the world? Everything – except the number of doors! If the concepts of space and performance seem incongruous, just spend some time with any of the cars on this page. Do you race, autocross, or enjoy dissecting a challenging mountain road and peeling away from stoplights? Do you also like treating three or more passengers to abundant interior room, cosseting amenities and plenty of cup-holders? Then we have just the sedans for you!


World's Fastest Sedans is back with a new, cleaner design, and more of the fastest saloons and wagons on the planet. We are continuously adding new cars and features - discover them all here.

Jan 25 - Enjoy a preview of the upcoming Euro-market, AWD, sports-sedan contender 2007 Volkswagen Passat R36.

Jan 14 - While we're on compact sports sedans, some respect is due to the 306-hp 2007 Infiniti G35.

Jan 03 - Happy belated New Year to all! The E90/E91 2007 BMW 335i is now only the fifth non-Motorsport BMW to make it to WFS.

Dec 14 - Somtething big and fast from a different part of the world: the LS2-powered 2007 Holden Commodore SS / SS-V (VE).

Dec 07 - An out-of-production future-classic and one of my favourite modern Bentleys: the 1997-1998 Bentley Turbo RT.