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Emme Lotus 422T

Emme Lotus 422T Photo 274 Arguably the most hideous of the world's fastest sedans, the Emme 422T delivers unbelievably potent performance from a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine. While mainly specializing in scooters, the Brazilian company Emme joined the British supercar maker Lotus in 1997 to produce an incredible sedan based on the existing Emme 420 and 420T. The 16-valve engine, which redlines at 7400 rpm, coupled with a turbocharger produces over 121 hp per litre and 354 Newton metres of torque. A five speed manual gearbox is the only transmission option available. 225/50 ZR 15 tires all around and 11.6" brake disks, vented in the front, hook up to the ground and provide the stopping power for the 422T. Only 12-15 were ever built, so your chances of running upon one are slim. And to be honest, the styling actually grows on you if you're not too revolted by the first impression. The Emme Lotus is only available in Brazil and possibly Europe so don't bother trying to contact your Lotus dealer in North America. - by Traian Popescu

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Emme Lotus 422T Technical Data

2174, dohc 16-valve turbo I4
Max Speed
Speed 0 60mph
Speed 0 100mph