FantasyCars Mercedes C36 AMG W202

Mercedes C36 AMG W202

Mercedes C36 AMG W202 Photo 336 Based on the now demised C-class generation introduced in 1995, the C36 AMG was the first automobile modified by an outside firm and sold officially as a Mercedes. Like other AMG cars, the C36 was a limited production model, only 200 examples were imported to North America until production halted in 1998. The 4 valves/cylinder, inline six engine is based on the unit found in the C280, but with a 1.1 mm increase in bore diameter and a huge 18.9 mm increase in stroke length. The compression is also slightly stepped up to 10.5:1 while the electronics have been recalibrated, more aggressive camshafts have been fitted and a freer-flowing exhaust bolted on. The result is 276 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 284 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm, 82 more horsepower than the C280 and 36 more than the BMW M3.A genuine manual transmission is a missed feature, however the five-speed automatic which can be shifted manually through the gates is quite effective. The C36 uses 12.6 inch vented disc brakes up front and 10.9 inch units in the rear, salvaged from the 900 lb heavier SL600 and just like it's big brother, provides excellent braking performance. The halt from 60 mph is completed in 114 ft, slightly longer than the M3 and C43, however from just 30 mph its 28 foot stopping distance is actually one foot better than the M3. Once the traction control has been switched off the handling is also excellent with a 66.5 mph slalom run and a 0.87g rating on the skidpad. The interior is well appointed but quite tight but, hey, who really cares? Can't anybody do something about that darn price, though? - by Traian Popescu

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