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Cadillac STS-V

Cadillac STS-V Photo 263 Even for the most committed Playstation and turbo-fours junkies, or die-hard blue-and-white roundel or three-pointed-star addicts, Cadillac's recent efforts have not gone unnoticed. The CTS, SRX and XLR have made their mark, both with import car buyers in the United States, in foreign markets such as Europe and China and even on racing circuits in the SCCA Speed World Challenge. And since the performance treatment worked such miracles on the aforesaid trio, the powers that be at Cadillac weren't long in giving the STS the five star makeover as well; or rather the 440 horsepower makeover.The STS-V is actually even more Cadillac than the CTS-V, since its 4.4-litre supercharged V8 is a debored, decompressed, reinforced and blown version of the 4.6 Northstar V8, rather than the 5.7-litre Corvette LS6 that the CTS-V borrows. It's up 120 horsepower (that's more than a full Chevy Aveo better!) than the previous top-gun STS and is now in the same league as the Jaguar S-Type R and Audi RS6 - however the power numbers listed here are the even more flattering and accurate certified SAE ratings, rather than the stock quotes. The only available gearbox is a six-speed automatic, which keeps the power flowing well and delivers decent fuel economy. The chassis also gets a performance treatment in the way of a slightly lower centre of gravity, stiffer anti-roll bars, higher-rate springs, a slightly quicker ratio for the steering and larger, lower profile 18-inch front / 19-inch rear tires.The upgraded chassis and engine bring weight up to 4300lb, and this, along with the Northstar's supercharger and the six-speed auto, show that the STS-V was built more in the vein of Mercedes' bullet-train-express E55 AMG rather than BMW's track-friendly bad-boy M5. The Caddy's comfort and performance are definitely up to par, and with an entry price of only $77,000 USD, the value's well up there as well. Cadillac's really serious this time around. - by Traian Popescu

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