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Lamborghini Diablo

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Do you feel that a Ferrari is too soft, too civilized for you? Then go for a Lamborghini Diablo. The historic Italian marque keeps producing a car as cars were meant to be until some years ago.

The Diablo is an object of desire, a car that speaks to its owner's heart more than any other car on production today (remember that Ferrari F50 and McLaren F1 are not produced anymore).

You can't really understand the size of a Diablo until you actually see one on the road and you surely can't understand the feel of a Lamborghini Diablo until you actually drive it. It makes more noise than you can imagine, yet, the sound of its V12 can instantly stir you up, it is more impractical than anything else you have seen in your life, yet still it is irresistible.Many versions have been spawn off the original Diablo with the latest '99 SV getting a 530bhp engine.

All in all it's simple enough: This is (most) probably the last supercar as supercars ought to be.

* That's what we were writing in 1999 about the Diablo, it still holds true today.

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Lamborghini Diablo Technical Data

5.7 L V12 6.0 L V12
530 bhp @ 7100 rpm
603 N.m @ 5500 rpm
Max Speed
300 km/h (185 mph)
Speed 0 60mph
Speed 0 100mph